Reliable TV Wall Fitting Service In Greenford UB5

TV Mounting Services Greenford Think hard before you attempt to wall mount a TV by yourself. Do you want to risk breaking it? Can you guarantee that the spot you've chosen can handle the weight? If you’re not sure then you need TV mounting team in Greenford UB5. We've performed hundreds installation services – your television will be fixed to a wall of your choosing, at the height you require and completely secure.

Behind the Scenes Of TV Installations in Greenford

Your TV wall fitting service will be carried out as follows:

1. Please tell our handyman where you want your television to be mounted. In addition, we’ll take a look at the length of the cables and the location of your sockets. These two factors could also impact the final placement of your TV.
2. We’ll measure the height at which your television will be fitted. This depends on your individual requirements
3. We’ll mark the areas on your wall where the brackets will be attached
4. Your wall will be drilled into, and the brackets fitted to it
5. The strength of both your wall and the brackets will be tested. Mounting fixtures can be then be put onto your television
6. Finally, your television will be placed onto the bracket

Get the ball rolling by dialing 020 3404 1229. Our advisers will answer at any time and give you a quote.

Greenford UB5 TV Wall Fitting Services With a Great Reputation

The TV wall fitting services have been an affordable option, for both commercial and residential customers, for a number of years. We've gained a reputation because we provide quality services and competitive prices. You also stand to benefit from:

  • Fully Guaranteed And Insured Service - All of the handymen carry a pubic liability insurance, so you can be sure you're covered in the unlikely event of any damage occurring
  • Excellent Quality - We'll always meet your expectations and needs
  • Well Equipped - All the experts will be armed with the necessary tools and equipment to deliver the highest standard of work

Nothing Fazes Experienced Team

Over the years we've been challenged to mount increasingly bigger TV screens, but nothing has dampened the enthusiasm of our team. We've proven we can mount and fit any type of TV, regardless of the size. This includes:

  • Plasma
  • LCD
  • LED
  • Multimedia projectors
  • Other devices
  • As well as hiding or tidying up those bothersome cables

There are also a number of other jobs we're happy to perform...

  • Hanging and wall mounting - Pictures, mirrors, in fact just about anything
  • Furniture assembly - No more scratching your head, trying to figure out those baffling instructions
  • Odd jobs - We'll get that never ending list to disappear, so you can continue with other things

Your Service Will Take Between 30 and 60 Minutes

Wondering how much your job will cost? It depends on how long it takes. Usually, TV wall mounting lasts for one hour maximum. You can check our prices page and see our hourly rates. However, yours could be longer if you want us to tidy up your cables, for example. You can tell us what you need online - through our easy-to-use chat feature or contact form. No matter how you get in touch you’ll get an accurate quotation. Bear in mind, you can book us for work on weekends and Bank Holidays too!

We Cover All Postcodes in Greenford

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